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A New Beginning for A View of Life.

May 18th, 2023... I wrote this post a year and a half ago. I wrote it not during a long recovery from covid, during a period of self-questioning, fear and also hope. I wrote it while working with a coach who wanted me to believe that I could find "high paying clients", create great wealth, which would enable me to actualize my full potential as a healer.

At the time, I wanted to believe that was my path...yet it never felt aligned. It always felt inauthentic. When I put the coach's methods to engage potential clients into action, they felt disingenuous at best, manipulative at worst. Yet, I thought I would adjust and that wealth would allow me the time to fully engage in my soul's purpose as a healer and lightworker.

I didn't adjust.

When the ego focuses on financial or material pursuits above the soul's purpose two things can happen.

One, we implode or...

Two, we live a life that slowly steals our happiness. Over time we find ourselves at the end of our lives... empty.

I imploded.

Yet I decided not to delete this post. It captures an important part of my journey, no matter how painful. This is a piece of me.


I love this blog.

"A View of Life" was the beginning of my transformation from anxious and fearful to awake and visionary. This blog began many endeavors and passions that I continue to pursue today.

However, I realized not all that long ago that I was still trying to fit into a mold that wasn't right for me. I wanted readers and potential clients to see the "together" side of me. I wanted to stow away the messiness, the struggles, the uncertainties...after all, if people witnessed my authentic humanness, would they trust me?

I realized that the foundation of my purpose, compassion, did not match a depiction of an ideal.

Compassion resonates with simply being me; loving, giving, messy, imperfect ME.

Something that my clients or professional friends don't see in me until later in our relationship is that I love to laugh...and I love to make other people laugh. And I'm pretty damn funny.

I'm funny not because I have the gift of comedy. I'm funny because I love to laugh at myself, at my mistakes and mishaps, at my silly, messy life. Why not? Why feel embarrassed or try to hide it all?

We are Divine beings who deserve the space and grace to make mistakes.

So, with these realizations I decided to rebrand as a Mental Health Healer for Leading Women and change the course of this blog.

Compassion is my "WHY".

Mental health is my passion as it intertwines with the body and spirit. Leading women are my sisters in purpose, through each other we can create change in the world.

Together, within our work together, these beautiful leaders transform their mental health concerns or traumas into sources of empowerment, reigniting their influence as leaders. We then witness growing compassion for themselves expand outwardly enlivening environments around them...transmitting my "WHY" forward further into the world.

So, this is to new beginnings as we march forward into 2022. I have many beautiful projects on the horizon that bare witness to my "WHY", and I am so excited to share them you!

After all, my "WHY" is all about YOU. So grateful you are hear! Let's dive into New Beginnings and take on 2022!

I am so glad you are here! I'm Sarah, Mental Health Healer. If you would like to learn more about my work, come visit my website and schedule a free consultation. I would be glad to hear from you and learn about what you need.

I would love to offer you compassion and support...All Good Things.


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