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Mental Health Counseling &  Life Coaching 

260 Center Street, Suites 5 & 6, Middleboro, Massachusetts, 02346

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"We are passionate about what we do and hope to help your life grow into the one you desire and deserve."

Here you will find a broad range of specialties to help you with the specific problem you're having.  Lori, Melissa, and Sarah have been in practice for many years and are experts in their fields.  

"Each one of us is passionate about helping others.  We want people to live fully, freely... not just stable.  We want people to experience joy and happiness, which is what we all deserve." - Sarah Dionne

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Melissa Shea

Melissa's expertise is in psychotherapy and life coaching using practical methods to solve problems.  Melissa also understands the value of human connection and relationships.  She can help you develop effective methods to engaging in and maintaining long lasting and powerful relationships.

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Sarah Dionne

Sarah is a Yoga Psychotherapist and Life Coach.  She works with prenatal and postpartum women who are battling with anxiety, eating disorders and body shame.  Sarah intimately understands these issues.  She offers expertise not only as a long time psychotherapist, a Yoga instructor and a Doula-in-training, but as a mother.  Sarah can help find the inner balance and practical methods to master love for your body, pregnancy and baby.

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Lori Hoyt

Lori is a seasoned family therapist, couples counselor and children's therapist.  Her expertise lies in accountability and clear communication to improve relationships and lives.  Lori has extensive experience working with survivors of domestic violence and addressing the complex trauma that results.  She is extraordinarily compassionate and open, offering a safe space to open up and heal.

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"It was when I stopped searching for home within others and lifted the foundations of home within myself I found there were no roots more intimate than those between a mind and body that have decided to be whole"

-Rupi Kaur

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A View of Life:

A Blog By Sarah Dionne


"The writing found in  A View of Life are expressions that come to me along the way.  I choose to share them in hopes that they will reach someone searching, someone in need of connection and assurance.  


I write about my personal experience with mental illness, eating disorders, addiction, and spiritual separation; about the hardships, hope and the subsequent solace.  I also write through a clinical and spiritual lens honestly sharing wisdom gathered along the way.

It is my greatest hope that my writing will help another find insight and healing.  Perhaps take a moment to view some of the entries, you may find something that is meaningful to you."

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