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Sarah Dionne

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Why Apply?

An Introduction..


"I work with prenatal and postnatal women around the country battling with anxiety, eating disorders and body shame using Yoga-psychotherapy, creativity and Life coaching.  If this is what you're struggling with... I get it.  I am in recovery from body shame and eating disorders, I suffered with postpartum OCD and anxiety.  What I now understand is that, in order to fully heal these painful struggles, we must address not only the mind, but body and spirit as well. 

"Hating the body you're in not only causes shame and heartache, it also stands in the way of loving your baby, your family and yourself.  My work focuses on empowerment, self-love, embracing the body and transforming your relationship with food in order to enjoy your life and your family with abandon.

"By using virtual online therapy, I am able to help women far beyond my local community.  Through the use of online platforms like Zoom, we can easily come together from a distance and create the same lasting change.

"If you're ready to begin your personal journey to healing... I can help.  It would be wonderful to hear from you.  I will be quick to respond, within 24 to 48 hours (usually 24!) because I know it can be hard to reach out. 

All Good Things"

Contact Sarah:


Creative Arts Treatment Group for Eating Disorders

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Session dates are determined based on enrollment. 

6 Week Group Session

Includes 2 family consultations, post group treatment planning

and referral recommendations

Session dates are determined based on enrollment. 

Payment plans available

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Yoga Psychotherapy

Yoga psychotherapy is a unique and effective method of intertwining the body, mind, and spirit within psychotherapy and life coaching.  It is not similar to a typical Yoga class and differs from "Yoga therapy".  The fundamental movements and practices of Yoga are used within the context of a session to experience being within your body.  Through exploring these experiences, negative emotions and beliefs about your body and your self image (that have been keeping you from self acceptance, true health and success) can be uncovered and resolved.

In combination with Yogic movement, breath work and mindfulness practices are an important part of  furthering your transformation, including Yogic techniques that you will be able to use on a daily basis to sustain long lasting change.


PSYCH-K® is a powerful method of changing underlying beliefs that stand between you and your goals... quickly.  It is a combination of applied kinesiology and deep introspection that creates the internal environment for brain integration; that is the synthesis of the conscious, subconscious and superconscious minds.

I integrate PSYCH-K® into Yoga psychotherapy when it is clear an old belief is standing in the way of change., the benefits can be profound.  Imagine being able to choose what you desire to think and believe regardless of others' opinions.  Imagine feeling free to be you... authentically you.  That is what PSYCH-K® offers. 

Life Coaching

Life Coaching is geared toward making concise life changes.  Some people desire to improve a career or pursue a passion. I use life coaching with moms and moms-to-be to make changes that will help them stop the cycle of disordered eating and body shame and step into the life they deserve.


Sometimes we don't know what needs to change in order to feel at peace with our bodies.  This is where Yoga psychotherapy and life coaching intertwine.  We discover the underlying beliefs that are holding you back and then, with concise daily changes and Yogic techniques, we create a path toward your goals.

I offer other creative methods tosustain change including weekly emails and letter correspondence. Contact Sarah to learn more about these unique and effective strategies for change.

Yoga Psychotherapy
creative arts group

Creative Arts Eating Disorder Treatment Group

Teens 13 - 18 years old

Adults 18 years +

Eating disorders are complex, often misunderstood and potentially life threatening.  While these disorders are serious and prevalent in our community, there are very few local resources to treat them.  Youth and young adults living with eating disorders need consistent and specialized support to achieve and sustain recovery. To address both the mental health and behavioral components of the disorder, this group provides a combination of creative arts therapies, mindfulness, behavioral therapies & nutritional coaching. 

Members will end the group with appropriate resources and a plan for continued recovery in place.

Preliminary and discharge family sessions are included to help create lasting change at home and in the community.

Contact Sarah Dionne for more information on fees and how to apply

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