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Hi, I'm Sarah

I'm so glad you're here.  My work today as a psychotherapist and supervisor is spiritually focused as I step fully into my work in the realm of Spirit.

Here I offer my own heartfelt experience and spiritual teaching.  Yet, I did not do much writing for a long time as my personal awakening took me on a wandering path away and back again.

Now, as I resume writing, you'll find my focus on holistic spiritual therapy, mental health and spirituality, the path of Awakening and more.

You'll find my past archived articles to be different from my current.  This is because of some profound shifts within me over the last couple of years that have directed me toward Truth.

It's okay to wander...I sure have, it's okay if you are.  Come wander through this blog, I hope you find something helpful along your journey.  

Thank you for being here.  I appreciate you. 

All Good Things,


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