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A View  of   Life

By Sarah Dionne, LICSW

A blog on Motherhood and mental health, spiritual seeking, body image and more.  It's time to know and love you as the amazing person you are Body, Mind & Spirit

Podcast Appearances

Happier Now

Trauma is stored in the body;

Sarah talks about healing & her expertise in how Yoga can help

Mama Tribe

Sarah's birth and postpartum 

story & her expert suggestions

on handling birth, postpartum

& mental health

Navigating Recovery

Sarah's journey with an eating

disorder and her expert

suggestions for healing


Sarah's extensive experience with DBT and how it compliments Yoga Psychotherapy

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Meet Sarah

Welcome. However you found this blog, I'm so glad you're here.  A little about me, I'm a psychotherapist, Yoga instructor and life coach.  I blend Yoga and therapy together for "Yoga Psychotherapy".  Here's a link to my page that has more on me and Yoga Psychotherapy. 


I love writing about motherhood.  I'm a mom and step-mom.  The transition to motherhood was the most profound shift of my life and inspired this blog.

I write about motherhood and spiritual seeking, body image, mental health and more.  A lot of my writing comes from personal experiences that I want to share for other moms who are struggling.

Perhaps you're on a journey looking for something that feels missing.  Maybe you're tired of living with the shame or self judgement that keeps holding you down.  No matter why you've wandered here, I hope you'll find something of use along you're way.  It would be great to hear from you, comment you're thoughts or considerations for topics.  

Thank you for being here,

All Good Things,


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