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10 Reasons Why You Can...

You can achieve what you want and here's why:

1.Because you’ve overcome so much already, how could you possibly not have what it takes to create what you’re wanting to create?

2.Because you deserve achievement and happiness.  It’s not meant to be reserved for “special people”.  It’s meant for everyone… achievement and happiness are meant specifically for you.

3.Because you do have the time.  There are little bits of time available every day.  While life is a whirlwind, if you are passionate enough about something, time will be available, even if it’s only 5 minutes here or an hour there.  

4.Because it’s totally fine you don’t know exactly how to get started.  Starting doesn’t mean you know how to handle what you’re dream will become in five years.  Starting is simply doing what you need to do in front of you and figuring it out as you go.

5.cause you make mistakes.  In fact, you have the privilege of making mistakes AND being totally forgiven for them.  You get to make mistakes, dust yourself off and try again. You get to be totally imperfect.  

6.Because having no experience means you’re a blank slate ready for new discovery.  You don’t know how to start a business? How to train for a triathlon? How to save enough money to travel the world?  How to live in another country? So what? That’s what books are for, that’s what Google is for, that’s what training clubs are for.  You don’t need to

know how, you can learn how and as

you learn you can do.

7.Because it’s totally okay if you fail.  Yup. Fail and fail away. So what? All failure is, is a guide to show you which way not to go.  Failing does not mean YOU are a failure. Failing means that something needs to be changed and tried again.  If you’re afraid of other peoples’ opinions of failure, well, that’s when a good therapist or life coach can help.

8.Because you have the skills you need right now to get started.  The only things you really need are passion, drive, and willingness to learn.  So, if you have the skills to study and try out new things… well, then you have all the skills you need to get started.

9.Because you can be patient.  There is no pressure or timeline on your success… thank God!  This means you have all the time you need to make this desire happen.  You don’t have a deadline. You have room to learn, grow, try, fail, try and succeed.  

10.Because it’s okay if you don’t want to tell anyone your plans.  In fact, I encourage you NOT to tell anyone EXCEPT the most supportive people that have your back one thousand percent.  Everyone else is on a strict need-to-know basis. How freeing is that! You don’t need to justify yourself, you don’t need to explain yourself, you don’t need to find excuses for why you are going after your



If you are reading these and doubting them, I would suggest there is work for you to do on yourself.  The fact is that these 10 reasons are truth. Barriers are the lie. Yes, achieving a dream takes time, consistent effort and drive. But, if you want it… whatever it is… yes you can.  


Sarah is a Yoga psychotherapist and life coach specializing in prenatal and postpartum women battling anxiety, eating disorders and body shame. Sarah works virtually with women around the country and in-person in Middleboro, Massachusetts.

However, Sarah is a spiritual seeker and often blogs on issues outside of prenatal or postpartum concerns. She has many years experience as a grief counselor and spiritual teacher. Today she focuses her attention and energy on women during one of the most sacred times in all of life.

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"I would love to hear from you and am grateful for your interest! You deserve to enjoy your body, your baby and your life, I believe Yoga Psychotherapy can help" - Sarah


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