Whole Health Collaborative

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"The mission of this practice is to provide authentic psychotherapy, life coaching and holistic care supporting people to create the fulfilling and happy lives they deserve."


-Sarah Dionne, MSW, LICSW

The Story Behind The Collaborative

Since eleven years old, Sarah Dionne had battled depression, eating disorders, addiction, chronic anxiety, OCD, and issues related to trauma.  Spending far too many years suffering, Sarah found a path to healing. 


In 2006 her life became unbearable, she made the decision to give up her lonely battle and surrendered to the help she needed, beginning a journey into complete recovery.


Free to move forward with her life at last, Sarah felt compelled to help others rise above their own suffering. she began attending Simmons College in 2009 for a master's degree in clinical social work to pursue a career in psychotherapy.

After many years of working in the field of mental health, Sarah clearly saw what was missing in traditional psychotherapy services. Very few mental health agencies also address concerns related to the physical body and spirituality.  However, through her own healing, objective study, and work with others Sarah knew the only way to fully heal is to address the entire person; mind, body and spirit. 

In October, 2018, Sarah experienced a spiritual awakening which gave her the inspiration to create Whole Health Collaborative; a group of providers of many disciplines working together to help clients create complete healing.

Since then, WHC continues to develop and expand.  Sarah's vision is coming into fruition with the support of dedicated providers, family and friends who see the purpose of her work and value in her clear mission.

Take a moment to learn the details about our providers and specialties.

"No matter what you're going through, there is always hope.  People are incredibly strong; stronger than they know.  I believe this of every person that I sit across from.  My only goal is to support each individual to find a personal sense of peace and happiness.  Because I believe in the strength of the human spirit, I hold hope even when all hope seems lost.  It is not.  You can come through it.  I believe that."

- Sarah Dionne, MSW, LICSW